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Woodland Club


Woodland club is a wonderful opportunity for children to build on their Woodland School learning after school. The club has the advantage of small numbers of children and two dedicated adults to support and challenge them. It also allows children from different classes and year groups to develop learning with each other and practise the school value; collaboration. During Woodland Club we often play games together, share seasonal discoveries and craft ideas. Most weeks, I will share a new idea with the group based on observations of the interests of the children from previous sessions. The children choose what they would like to work on during the club. Quite often the children have their own ideas of what they would like to do, based on things they have started in Woodland School, and at other times they are keen to try out the ideas of others.

Woodland club this half-term has been really lovely. Some highlights have included blackberry ink making followed by drawing with feather and stick quills, as well as autumn snow globe creations.