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Whatever the Weather!


At Woodland school, we venture out whatever the weather. Spending time outdoors in all weather conditions offers a valuable opportunity for children (and adults) to build resilience, a core value at Busbridge Infant School. Different weather types also offer unique opportunities for exploring, playing, and learning. For example, rain offers increased opportunities for tactile exploration, cooperating, collaborating, communication, balance, understanding weather, science, choosing appropriate clothing, persistence, perseverance, resilience, and success.

I was so impressed with Year One this week. They dressed well for the weather and enjoyed what the woodland had to offer in the rain. Both classes enjoyed pond dipping and bug hunting. Sun bears discovered a dead frog, which, whilst being a bit sad, presented us with lots of talking and learning opportunities. Questions arose such as ‘How do we know it isn’t sleeping?’, ‘Why are its legs long like that, I thought they had short legs?’ and ‘How did it die?’. The next day Spectacled bears spotted a living frog, which made us very happy indeed. They also found a beautiful green beetle which we haven’t been lucky enough to see in our woodland before. We believe it is a Rose Chafer.

If you want to explore beetles further then the wildlife trust website is a good one.

The wildlife trust lists 14 beetles we are likely to see. How many have you seen? How many do you think we will find at Woodland School this year?