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Woodland School provides many lovely opportunities for sharing and enjoying books together. Sometimes the stories share information that enhances the children’s learning on a subject, and sometimes they are nature related and are simply shared for enjoyment and a love of books and reading. 

Following on from Hedgehog awareness week the children in Reception enjoyed listening to ‘Spike the hedgehog who lost his prickles by Jeanne Willis and Jarvis’. We used the story to talk about some of the animals in the food chain of a hedgehog, and it inspired us to make our own Spike hedgehogs. We used this opportunity to learn how to use a Pin Hammer. The children helped work out how to keep themselves safe when using this tool, and then they improved their fine motor skills when hammering in their prickles on their hedgehogs. They needed to be a bit creative when working out how to give the hedgehogs eyes, but overall, the children were really pleased with their hedgehogs.