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Spring Updates

Spring Update 1

Welcome back to the new school term.  Brown Bears have been off to a busy start and have settled into 2023 well.

In Science, we have been exploring properties of materials and have had great fun twisting, stretching, squashing and bending different items around the classroom.  We have discovered that some of the changes are permanent and learnt the scientific vocabulary for materials that do some or all of these.  We challenged ourselves trying to twist, squash, bend and stretch Plasticine into the dragon from one of our English texts.

Recorders have become the focus for our Music lessons and although a little noisy, we are enjoying playing along to different pieces of music.  Each week we are learning more about musical notation and the different terms used when talking about music.  

Islam is our focus religion for our RE lessons and we have already made lots of comparisons with Christianity, which we focused on last term.  We have enjoyed looking at the story 'Life Begins' and have been exploring the similarities and differences to the Creation Story from the Bible.

Our Computing lessons have been focusing on how to use Paint to create images and this has linked with our artist study.  We produced some brilliant pieces of work inspired by Jackson Pollock.