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Welcome to Spring and welcome back to the Summer term. In Woodland School we have been thinking about Spring since the middle of March. We’ve been looking for the smallest signs of its arrival in the plants, trees, temperature and animals that we share our woodland area with. We have enjoyed learning about the life cycle of frogs though observing our resident frogs, finding their frogspawn and watching them grow. We have also enjoyed noticing what the birds have been up to. We have noticed them carrying sticks into trees, and we have thought about how they might be building their nests and what their nests are for.

This week we have concluded that Spring has well and truly arrived. To celebrate this, we held a Spring festival. For our Spring festival we made Spring crowns, wrote Spring poems, performed Spring songs, shared campfire snacks and shared our favourite parts of Spring. We spent some time appreciating the changes that have taken place in our woodland over the Easter break and we looked closely to see what the birds, frogspawn and bugs were doing. We noticed new growth on the ground and in the trees and considered the effect of this growth on the animals. Panda bear class were particularly excited to find the larvae of a Rose Chafer, warm and snuggly in the soil.