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Music in the Woodland


Woodland school provides many opportunities for cross curricular learning. One that we particularly enjoy is music. We love a good sing-song in Woodland school! We often start our sessions with a nature related song. Sometimes we learn the songs through call and repeat, and sometimes we work together to make up our own words to a tune that we know. We also enjoy adding our own Woodland beat using sticks as drumsticks and sometimes our seats as drums! It takes some skill to sing and tap a beat at the same time!

In addition to singing together as a group the children will often choose to make their own Woodland band. They can be heard experimenting with pans from the mud kitchen and buckets and pots from around the woodland making their own drum kits and creating their own songs.

It is hard to portray music in photographs, but here are a few to give you a flavour. Hope you like them!