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Our curriculum is balanced and broadly based. It consists of all the activities designed or encouraged in the school to develop the intellectual, personal, social and physical abilities of the children.

It is our belief that a high quality study of humanities subjects enables children to engage with their past, present and future, securing a deep and rich understanding of the cultural, social and historical contexts of themselves and others. Through a well-planned and sequenced study of Geography, History and Religious Education (RE), we seek to empower our pupils to make moral, spiritual and intellectual sense of the world that surrounds them.

At Busbridge Infant School, Geography, History and RE are each taught discretely with protected timetabled sessions each week, allowing pupils to acquire and develop subject-specific knowledge and skills whilst also encouraging cross-curricular links and approaches. As part of each unit of study, rooted in the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum, children are encouraged and guided to make links and connections between previous units within the subject and across each of the different disciplines.

Please find below further information about the teaching of GeographyHistory and RE at Busbridge Infant School, and the curriculum intentions for each subject.