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Did you know that it is Hedgehog Awareness Week (30thApril – 6th May)? I am hoping that your children have come home and told you everything that they have learnt about Hedgehogs!

Our reception children have enjoyed exploring what a hedgehog is, what it looks like and what it eats. They looked closely at photographs and the cuddly hedgehogs and used them to make their own model hedgehogs using clay and nature to help them. We have talked about hedgehogs being nocturnal and why they curl into balls. We learnt about Hedgehog habitats and the nests that they build, and the children had a go at building some nests for our hedgehog friends.

Having celebrated Hedgehog Awareness Week last year, Year One were excited to share what they already knew and take their learning on further. We talked about the threats to hedgehogs and their habitats. We thought about what we can do to help hedgehogs and some of the children checked our woodland area to make sure that we have a hedgehog highway going through it (you will be pleased to know that we do). The children also explored hedgehog food chains and started to link them together to make food webs.  Year One had the opportunity to grow their own grass seed hedgehogs which they were excited to do, although they will need to use what they know about looking after plants in order to grow their hedgehogs some prickles!