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Ethos & School Values

Our Values

In accordance with the Trust wide Principles, Aims & Ethos The individual ethos & values specific to Busbridge Infant School are as follows:

We aim to help our children, with the co-operation of their parents and carers to;

  • develop into happy and confident individuals with a secure foundation in learning that will last throughout their lives.
  • develop lively and enquiring minds through knowledge with understanding.
  • establish a command of the subjects contained in the National Curriculum.
  • value and understand religious and moral beliefs and develop a respect for the views of others.
  • understand something of the world in which we live with regard for our mutual dependence on others as individuals, groups and nations.
  • appreciate human achievements and aspirations.

We try to do this by providing

  • a school environment in which they can enjoy developing their mental and physical abilities through developing Respect.
  • whole school and individual staff professional development which ensures the highest quality of teaching and learning through developing Resilience.
  • opportunities to work with other children and adults in a friendly atmosphere and so develop social skills in co-operating with each other through developing Collaboration.
  • an environment that vigorously pursues excellence through developing Creativity.

At Busbridge Infant School, the school values of Respect, Resilience, Collaboration and Creativity, combined with British Values and the school's Golden Rules are at the heart of children's learning and the continual pursuit of excellence.