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At Busbridge Infant School, the school values of Respect, Resilience, Collaboration and Creativity, combined with British Values and the school's Golden Rules are at the heart of children's learning and the continual pursuit of excellence.

Woodland School provides many opportunities for Creativity both through child-initiated learning and also through learning planned for and led by adults. We enjoy learning songs, making up songs and adding our own woodland percussion, learning new crafts, creative thinking through problem-solving and challenges as well as lots of creative role play and storytelling.

Drumming and singing in a woodland band.
"Look, we found a dinosaur skull!"
How can we use our harvested beetroot for drawing?
Fairy tree house.


An adventure playground for birds.
Christmas decorations.
"Would you like some soup? What would you like in it?"
Spider web.
Challenge - Can you build a bridge, that holds a rock, over a tray of water?


Small group camp with imaginary cooking on the fire.
What a beautiful pair of birthday cakes, complete with candles.
"We would like to make a zip wire. How can we make things go fast down it?"
"I found a potato and made it into a spider for my web"
"Look at our bridge. The rock is wrapped up warm and safe".