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One particularly popular aspect of Woodland School is when we use our fire to cook snacks for us to eat. Over the course of the school year all children get to prepare, cook and eat simple food on a campfire, from our Reception children up to our Year Two children. In addition to this we have been running a campfire cooking club, giving the children an opportunity to extend these skills to slightly more challenging snacks and to explore different techniques for cooking on a fire.

Preparing and cooking food with children provides lots of opportunities for learning. Children learn best by touching, tasting, feeling, observing, reading and listening, all of which often play a part when cooking at Woodland School. When taking part in cooking the children are considering hygiene, fire safety as well as developing fine motor skills through the use of purpose specific tools. There are also many opportunities for cross curricular learning such as counting, weighing, measuring, predicting, observing, food groups and balanced diets, to name just a few.

A Risk Benefit Assessment is carried out for all Woodland School activities, including cooking on a fire. Food allergies and medical requirements are considered and adapted for as part of this process.

Year One cooking stick bread on the fire.
We always wash our hands with warm water and soap before preparing and eating our food.
In campfire cooking club the children used the scales to measure out the ingredients to make Drop Scones.
Reception children used corers and safety knives to prepare their apples.


Tasting the bread he made. What do you think? Could you make it even better?
Reception children enjoyed toasting bread on the fire.
Hot chocolate at campfire cooking club.
We use the 'Respect' kneeling position when we are cooking on a fire. This is a stable and safe position to be in.


Kneading the dough and wrapping it on our sticks for cooking.
The children had a choice whether to add butter and jam to their toast.
'Look for the bubbles so that you know when to turn your pancake.'
Cinnamon apples on the fire. Yum!