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Busbridge Preschool

We are excited to announce that Busbridge Infant School will be opening its very own Preschool in September 2024. This exciting opportunity will be available to children who have already turned 3 years old by September. Further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

We intend to give children confidence and freedom of choice before they enter Reception and to ensure that each child has a smooth transition to Reception feeling happy and excited to learn and grow. The Preschool will be in a purpose-built classroom with a large outside area which is securely fenced. There is also an on-site Woodland School which will be accessible for Preschool children too. This is currently a Year 2 classroom and will be set up to reflect a high quality Early Years learning environment which aligns with the school's vision; "The Continual Pursuit of Excellence".

It ensures children are able to access many areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum both inside and outside, developing their independent skills to choose where they would like to play. Our provision is enhanced in many areas supporting the children’s characteristics of effective learning and interests, allowing them free choice and the opportunity to extend their play through open-ended resources.

At Busbridge Preschool we:

  • Offer a secure, safe and happy environment where we can work together with families.
  • Understand that the Early Years are a crucial stage in terms of children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.
  • Work with parents to establish children's learning styles and preferences, taking into consideration the children's existing knowledge and the needs of three and four year olds when planning their learning.
  • Encourage children to learn as they play by delivering a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Value every child's needs and abilities; understanding that every child is an individual and will learn differently.
  • Lay the foundations for learning in Literacy and Mathematics through children’s play and developing their curiosity.  
  • Help children develop confidence and self-esteem ready to transition to school.
  • Model the school's values of Respect, Creativity, Resilience and Collaboration.

Our Preschool Brochure is coming soon.

Terms and Conditions will follow soon.

To review any of our school/nursery policies, please visit our policy page.