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Busbridge Infant School's Learning Culture

Fundamental to children’s learning are the school’s values: Respect, Resilience, Creativity and Collaboration.

These are evident in all that we do across the school. Challenge is at the heart of the school’s high expectations and provides the focus to ensure all children’s needs are met both academically and emotionally.

All staff provide a nurturing and supportive approach to look after each other and promote the well being of everyone. The school’s Home School Link Worker is able to provide quality sessions to support our families who experience periods of challenges at various difficult times of school life.

We believe that by making mistakes when practising new skills can be a positive way to recognise how to learn differently. A positive Growth Mindset is embedded in our school culture and receiving feedback for learning really helps us all to remember that school is about learning and developing new knowledge.

Social skills are a big part of learning too and there are times when all children make mistakes. We manage children’s mistakes around behaviour by talking through the accident or incident in a supportive and calm way to help the child understand the impact of their behaviour choices. Reflecting on a situation and sharing ideas about how to ‘restore’ and ‘repair’ an upset situation allows children to learn.