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British Science Week

What a wonderful British Science Week/Fortnight we have had here at Busbridge Infant School. We have connected with our senses, connected with plants, food, nature, our bodies, each other and our community too!

We were very lucky to welcome eight guests into School to tell us all about their jobs in Science. We enjoyed listening carefully, asking questions and then sharing what we had learnt with our friends in our classes. It opened our eyes to the wide variety of Science based jobs and how important Science really is. It also got us thinking what we might like to do when we are grown up.

Structural engineer

 We also enjoyed building on our investigation skills through exploring a wide variety of questions.

What is this mystery potion? How does it feel? How is it runny and hard at the same time? How can it be a solid and a liquid?


 Why are plants so important to our soil? What would happen if we had no plants?

How is everything linked? What would happen if frogs were taken out of our environment? 

How can we solve the mystery can puzzle? We know they are in pairs, but we don’t know which are the same? What could we do to find out? Can we use our senses? Can we use our maths skills?

Where do pumpkins come from? What are they for? How long do they take to grow?

A highlight of our Science celebrations was the Big Busbridge Dunk! We investigated very carefully to find out which biscuit is the best for dunking. Given that the teachers had different opinions it was really important that we carried out our investigations carefully to make sure that our results were accurate and reliable!


Other highlights of our celebration included the sharing of a wonderful collection of new Science fiction and non-fiction books and extra lunchtime Science linked clubs.

If you would like some ideas to help you to continue your Science learning at home then here are a few for you to explore. Please feel free to share with me any of your Science learning from home, as you know, I love everything to do with Science!

Mrs Butterfield


Science Ideas for Learning at home.

  • Who is your favourite Scientist? We have shared lots of Science books about famous scientists. Do you have a favourite? Why? Maybe you could make a poster celebrating your famous scientist. Here are three of my favourites. Do you know anything about them?

  • Can you find an acorn? If you can find one on the ground now then you will probably find that it has started to germinate (started to grow). Why not try popping it in a pot of soil and trying to grow it? What will it grow into? What does it need to grow? Make sure you look after it well. Have a think about where you will plant it if it grows. How might this be helping the environment?

  • Can you grow a sunflower and measure how tall it grows? Maybe you could grow two and put one in the shade and one in the sunshine. What do you think (predict) will happen?

  • Can you make jelly? You will certainly need an adult to help you with this since you will need to use very hot water. What does it feel like? What is happening? Why is it happening? How is the jelly changing when you make it?

  • Can you build a tower? What makes a tower strong? What do you have at home that you can build a tower out of? Build the tallest tower that you can, then see if you can beat your tallest tower.