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Autumn is in full swing, and we are making the most of all it has to offer. We are learning all about the changes that take place in autumn, being inspired by its beauty and being resourceful with its gifts.

Reception has been thinking about the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees. They were able to tell me that some trees don’t lose their leaves and that these trees are called evergreen. They then learnt a new word for trees that do lose their leaves. They whispered ‘deciduous’ to the trees to practise saying it. They have enjoyed collecting autumn treasures and using them to make pictures and make an autumn rainbow.

Year One children have been thinking about autumn for a couple of weeks now, ever since the Autumnal Equinox on the 23rd of September. We talked about the daylight hours getting shorter, the weather getting colder, as well as deciduous and evergreen trees. They enjoyed identifying different species of trees and sorting leaves into leaves from deciduous trees and those from evergreen trees. This week, after an Autumn Colour Challenge, they enjoyed learning some new skills which allowed them to make an autumnal wand. They then prepared some autumn potions, writing out the ingredients and then making them in the mud kitchen.

Year Two children have also been learning about the changes that take place in autumn. They built on what they already knew and went on to learn about strategies that animals use to help them to survive the colder months. We played a game to help us to learn about squirrels hiding their food in preparation for when there is less. They went on to learn about hibernation, brumation and migration. The children enjoyed making hibernation dens of various shapes and sizes.